How to Upload Photos to Flickr from iPad?

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Looking for an easy step by a process to upload iPad photos to Flickr? Look no further. The steps below would guide you through the upload process. Uploading your iPad photos to Flickr is easy. 

  1. Go to Flickr App.
  2. Log in using your Flickr username and password.
  3. You will now land up on the Flickr Homepage
  4. Click on the "Upload" button, which will allow you to upload your photos.
  5. Click on "Choose File".
  6. Doing this will allow you to take a photo, or choose an existing one.
  7. Choose the image that you would like to upload. This could be a photo of yourself, one of your hobbies, something in your house, etc. Click on an image to choose it (repeat if you want to upload multiple photos)
  8. Add tags to your image. These are meant to describe it in a concise way, and others will be able to view these tags when they see your photo.
  9. Choose the privacy settings. The photo can either be Public (Visible to Everyone) or Private (only you, and maybe friends and/or family can see them). The Private option can be chosen for your safety.
  10. Show advanced settings. Advanced settings let you customize the safety level, content type (photos or videos) and the option to hide these images for public searches.
  11. Click on Upload. Allow your images to process for some time, title and describe each one and they will appear in your Photostream.
  12. You can also add them to a set if you wish to.