How it works

Take a quick look at Zilla with a screenshot-driven journey of how to get started with photo & video backups. It’s dead easy!

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Dead Easy

Zilla is designed to be dead easy to use - all of its power is packed in this single screen and you can get up and running with your Flickr bulk uploads in minutes.

Dead Easy

Connect Flickr

To start uploads, connect your Flickr account. You can switch between multiple Flickr accounts for your uploads but only one is connected at any one time.

Connect Flickr Accounts

Choose Folders & You’re Done

Choose folders with photos & videos to backup. Zilla automatically looks for and pickups sub-folders so you don’t have to select them one by one

Choose Folders and You’re Done

Album Setting,
Privacy & more

Zilla creates an album with the folder name in Flickr or you can choose an existing album to send the photos to. All uploads are private by default & you can change this as needed.

Album Setting, Privacy and more

Realtime Status

You can see all your uploads in realtime, including folder status. Zilla automatically pauses uploads if the internet connection drops & picks up again from where it was.

Realtime Status

Start Free

Zilla is 100% free to start and you can upgrade to premium plans if and when you feel Zilla is crucial to help keep your memories backed up in Flickr.

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